DirectorMurat AYDIN - Svenja KLÜH
Edited BySvenja KLÜH - Ursula SCHEID
CameraKaspar KAVEN
MusicCahit BERKAY, Sezen AKSU

What happens to people deported to a country that has never been their home? Erkan and Tuncay are part of the ‘second generation’. They were born and raised in Ingolstadt, Southern Germany, but had Turkish passports from their parents. After getting into trouble with the police in the early 1990s they were deported to Turkey and had to start a new life in a country they knew only from holidays. Now, nearly twenty years later, their childhood friend Murat sets off in search of his scattered group of friends. Murat had moved from Turkey with his family as a young boy, and still feels that he doesn’t completely belong in Germany. But German is his first language and he couldn’t imagine a life for himself in Turkey. He asks how his friends have managed to build a new life for themselves in a country foreign to them. Have they been able to rediscover their Turkish roots? And who feels more at home, Murat the ‘Turk’ in Germany or Erkan and Tuncay the ‘Germans’ in Turkey? Are there parallels between his experience and theirs, and does he still feel a connection with his childhood friends? This film looks at the second generation, raising questions of belonging, acceptance, opportunity and friendship.