DirectorIda GRON
Produced BySigne Byrge SORENSEN & Anne KÖHNCKE
Production CompanyFinal Cut for Real ApS (Denmark)
Edited ByNiels Pagh ANDERSEN
Sound DesignerPeter ALBRECHTSEN
Director By PhotographyIda Grøn
MusicRoger GOULA

A clown, a boy, electric guitars, magic – and cancer.
The Kid and the Clown tells the story of the friendship between the young boy Tobias and the hospital clown Angus. We follow their days together in a children’s cancer ward, from Tobias’ first admission, through relapses and failed treatments, until Tobias is allowed to go home more than 1½ years later.
Tobias struggles to get better and Angus supports him in every way. But his contribution to the healing process is playful presence, rather than pills. They duel in Guitar Hero, roam the halls as masked bandits, play Uno and eat gravy - lots of gravy.
Director Ida Grøn captures the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in a hospital – a place where a hospital clown is like a magical breath of life. The story unfolds through the eyes of both the kid and the clown and is a demonstration of the universal need to reach each other through humor and laughter: To let go and share a moment in spite of the serious circumstances.