International TRT Documentary Awards is the traditional documentary festival of Türkiye's public broadcaster, TRT. 

The purpose of the festival held every year is to support and promote documentary filmmaking through awards presented in national and international categories.  

The International Documentary Awards, in accordance with TRT’s global broadcasting mission, aims to make stories that reflect humanitarian and universal values focusing on humanity, nature and cultural richness more visible and increase in number.  Reflecting the zeitgeist and building a bridge from the past to the future has been one of the constant motivations for the festival. Stories that focus on human and preserving our shared home, the Earth, always have been at the forefront of the Festival.  

Within the vision of TRT, which is a strong and international broadcasting brand, the festival’s influence expands every year.  The participation of prestigious productions and names makes the documentary world shine brighter. 

The 14th edition of the International TRT Documentary Awards will take place in Istanbul form December 14th to December 17th. This year the competition will be in four different categories. There will be a special award dedicated to 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye. 

Applications has begun on Friday, October the 6th and will end on Sunday, November the 5th, 2023. The short list will be announced on November 12th, 2023. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on December 17th, 2023. 


The International Documentary Awards will be inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Republic. The chosen motto aims to evoke historical legacy, the horizon from today to tomorrow and the common stories shared on this journey.  

During the four- day event of TRT Documentary Awards, which support amateur and professional documentary filmmakers both; special selection of submitted documentaries in all categories will meet the audience. Worldwide documentaries will be screened, masterclasses by directors will be held, workshops and discussions about present and future of documentary making will take place.  

All events will be open to the public and free of charge.