DirectorEgle VERTELYTE
Produced ByLukas TRIMONIS, Arunas MATELIS
ScriptwriterEgle VERTELYTE
Camera Gerelsukh OTGON
Edited ByFrancesca SCALISI
SoundVytis PURONAS
ProductionStudio Nominum, Wostok

A problematic 12 year-old Mongolian kid Galbadrakh (Galaa), who has no father, tries to survive in Mongolian Ger (Mongolian house) district by selling goods in a black market and skipping his school. However, one day his mother decides that Galaa should try becoming a lama, a Buddhist monk. This becomes boy’s dream and a plan of survival. Galaa visits Pethub, one of the most disciplined Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia and tries to be accepted. In order to achieve this aim, he needs to study hard, get permission from different high lamas and pass through complicated bureaucracy of the monastery. Will he succeed?