(True) heroes do not know they are heroes! The documentary Nail V. is a visual portrait of poet, writer, journalist, politician, philosopher and architect Nail Vahdeti Çakırhan reflecting his view of the world, his works, relationships, his personality as an intellectual and a fighter, and his extraordinary life.

Nail V. Çakırhan is one of the very important witnesses of out country’s recent history. He has left a lasting impression on his land with his writings, his deeds, his works, his ideals and his passions. This impression has a very wide scope from literature to politics, from teaching to architecture. In addition to his general contribution to the society, Çakıhan has left influencing and transforming traces everywhere he went and on everyone he crossed paths with, every person and group he had a contact with. On a poet, on a story teller, on te locals of the Kadirli Village, on people from Akkaya, on an architect, on a group of convicts and on the director of this film...