DirectorAlexander Nanau

Together with his older sister, Andreea and Ana, nine-year old Toto lives in a rundown neighborhood on the outskirts of Bucharest. These three Roma children live packed awkardly together in a single room. At the age of five, Toto watched on his mother, Siminca, was led away by a special unit connected to the Romanian police. The three have since had to take care of themselves; their mother was locked away for dealing drugs. When finally taken in by an orphanage, the lives of Andreea and toto suddenly change. Toto learns to read, to write, to laugh, and also discovers a new passion: Dancing. 

The elegant doucmentary offers us a unique, intense and deeply probing insight into the life of a Roma family living on the fringes of society. A drama full of the highs and lows that only real life can supply.