To Perceive Life From Different Angles... Documentary

 In our country it was TRT who first introduced and made loved documentaries to wide circles.  Our story of meeting with documentaries started with “Silk Road” and “Captain Cousteau”. It may seem normal for a single-channel-public broadcaster at that time. But TRT’s conscious broadcast policy in early years made people love documentaries and also made TRT a documentary school and let it accumulate its experience and its personnel. Shortly, TRT was the one who placed documentary concept in our public memory.

Since those times, media world has enlarged, varied considerably and concentrated on rating and entertainment. Audience started to watch more reality shows, competitions and low quality popular programs. And finally, television imprisoned people into its small and limited agenda.
On the other hand, documentary could have the role at that point to make today’s people re-explore the joy of learning, information and it must have been so. The opinion to create a documentary contest emerged like that. The aim was to encourage the documentary cinema to develop creative ways and meet the viewers.
We, being the only public service broadcaster in the country, want to increase our target levels. We think it is TRT’s mission to search, find and pursue policies that seek ways to make more creative and qualified documentaries, in the standards of international market.
As a part of this mission, the TRT Documentary Awards which were held in the national level in 2009, and then expanded with the adding of the international category in 2010 (232 films from 40 countries applied), is aiming to be the meeting platform of the qualified and creative examples of the documentary cinema in its 3rd year.
As in last year, we are planning to welcome the films along with their directors, which have passed the pre-selection, on 5-9 May 2011 in the framework of the TRT Documentary Days in Istanbul this year.
We invite the documentary cinema producers to convene and discuss the films together, chat with the viewers and experience the charm of Istanbul.
After the contest, we will present the awarded documentaries to the like of wider circles on our screens.
How about taking your place with your film in this platform where the national and international documentarists come together and share their experiences?
We hope to meet you in TRT Documentary Days in May 2011.