Algül was born in Çanakkale in 1966. A graduate of İstanbul University, the Faculty of Literature, Hakan Algül worked with several directors as an assistant director from 1986 onwards until 1996 when he started directing commercial films in 1996. Later on, Hakan Algül began making television series and directed the TV series “Yeter Anne”, “Avrupa Yakası’’ in 2002, “Deliler” in 2007 (TV film), ‘’Sevgili Dünürüm’’ in 2007, ‘’Kısmetim Otel’’ in 2007, ‘’Mert ile Gert’’ in 2008, ‘’Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar’’ in 2008-2009, ‘’Benim Annem Bir Melek’’ in 2008-2009, “Şen Yuva” in 2010. Algül also directed following films: “Döngel Karhanesi” in 2005, “Eyyvah Eyvah” in 2009, “Eyyvah Eyvah 2” in 2010 and “Berlin Kaplanı. Algül is the father of two daughters named Ayşe Ege and Deniz.
Çelikcan was born in Ankara on 25.12.1961. He graduated from the Radio Television and Cinema Department at the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University. He started to work in 1987 as a Research Officer at the Radio Television and Cinema Department of the Faculty of Communication at Gazi University. He went to the United States of America in 1988 with an Overseas Post-graduate Education scholarship from YÖK ( Council of Higher Education ) and obtained his post-graduate degree in the field of Communication Arts at the University of West Florida. He completed Stage and Visual Arts program at the Faculty of Fine Arts at 9 Eylül University in 1994 and received his PhD in cinema-television. He became an assistant professor in 1996 and a professor in 2004. Çelikcan took on some management positions and became the Dean of the Faculty of Communication at Maltepe University. He currently works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication at Maltepe University Continuing his work in the field of cinema and television, Çelikcan, as a documentary director and a script writer, carried out script writing, general directing and directing of several documentary series after specialising in the field of cultural documentary. Çelikcan also carries out researches in cinema, popular culture and music, television-viewers relationship and themed media fields.
He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at İstanbul University. He directed art pages of Cumhuriyet newspaper, where he started as a proof-reader in 1963, and Yeni Gazete (1970-71) newspapers. He worked at Altın Kitaplar Publications; became the founder and editor in chief of Yeni Edebiyat Magazine (New Literature Magazine, 24 issues, 1969/71). He continues to be the editor-in-chief of Gösteri magazine which is being published since December 1980. Currently he is the publication consultant and a columnist at Hürriyet Newspaper. He mostly wrote critical articles, book introductions in magazines ( such as Pazar postası, Yankı, a, Türk Dili, Dönem, Yelken, Şiir Sanatı, Papirüs, Soyut, Yeni Edebiyat, Devrim, Gösteri.) He made and presented a program titled ‘Yaşayan Edebiyatçılar’ on TRT in 1974. His program about books, titled ‘Kitaplar ve Düşünceler’, started at TRT İstanbul Radio in 1972 and moved on to TRT-2 TV channel under the title of ‘Karalama Defteri’. This program which he assumed the production and presention of right from the start was later broadcast on NTV and CNN Türk TV channels. He was selected as the Honorary Author at 25th International TÜYAP Book Fair in 2006. He has been appearing in a culture-art program titled Açık Şehir, broadcast on TRT, since 2010. Presidency of Turkey Culture and Art Grand Award in Critics branch was awarded to Doğan Hızlan in 2011. Hızlan has many works published in the fields of “Essay-Critique”, “Research”, “Conversation”, “Compilation – Publishing”.
Küçüktepepınar attended cinema and drama courses in London after graduating from Marmara University Mathematics Department. She started writing articles about cinema in 1997 in the weekly Hürriyet Pazar newspaper. She had been a member of FIPRESCI (The International Federation of Film Critics) jury in international festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin and Toronto. She was the founder and editor of website which was the first important Turkish language cinema website of Superonline. She continues to be a film critic in Sabah newspaper and in the monthly Cinema and Milliyet Sanat magazines. She is a member of FIPRESCI Executive Committee and a representative of SİYAD ( The Turkish Film Critics Association ) 
Taşçıyan was born in İstanbul in 1969. She graduated from İstanbul University Press College in 1991. She worked as a reporter, editor and a film critic at Milliyet Art Magazine and Milliyet Newspaper Culture Art Service between 1992 – 2008. Between 1994 and 2006, she presented Bir Zamanlar Genç Sinemacılar ( Once Upon A time Young Moviemakers) , Genç Sinemacılar (Young Moviemakers) , Sinema Büyüsü ( The Magic of Cinema) and Beyazperde ( White Screen ) programs which were broadcast on TRT. Her articles were published in several different publications and programs; She did consultancy work in many film festivals. She has been working as a columnist in Star Newspaper since 2008. She presents a TV programme on cinema titled “the tematic cinema slot” on channel 24. She is the Vice President of FIPRESCI and a member of European Film Academy.
Özgen was born in Milas in 1947. He graduated from Air Force Academy in 1968 and received “flight training” for a certain term. He was expelled from the Air Force in 1972 for ‘political reasons’ and imprisoned for almost 3 years. He worked at TRT News Centre between 1974 – 1982. He was the co-founder of MTV Inc. in 1983 along with Suha Arın-a well known documentary master in Turkey. He formed his own agency in 1987. He is still the founder partner of and a director at Nöbetçi Ajans Production Company. His cinema experience which began with TRT developed mainly with his contributions to the production of documentary films. He worked as a cameraman, director of photography, script writer and director. His interest in ’literature’ and ’art of writing’ began during his high school years. His poem and prose were published in various magazines. He has been writing about cities and city culture in recent years. He is the founder board member of ÇEKÜL – Foundation for Protecting and Promoting Environmental and Cultural Values, advisory committee member of TKB - Historic Cities Association, founder member of MİÇEV- Milas Culture Trust and a member of TGC - Turkish Journalists Union. He gave lectures at faculties of communication at various universities on “Documentary Cinema”. He is engaged in consultancy in the fields of “social and cultural projects” and “communication” as well as directing documentary films. He has been the project manager of “B+ Magazine” and directs various documentary related activities. He is the Chairman of the Board of BSB Association of Documentary Film Makers .