About 12th Festival

The 12th of the TRT International Documentary Awards held every year by the Turkish Radio-Television Corporation (TRT) was cancelled due to the precautions against the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted our country along with the entire world.

A total of 1478 films and 237 projects had applied for the 12th TRT International Documentary Awards with

                                                                       1269 films for the International Films Category,

                                                                       88 films for the National Professional Category,

                                                                       121 films for the National Student Films Category,

                                                                       237 projects for the Project Support Category.

The evaluation process of the films and projects that were accepted but put on hold at the preselection stage will resume within the scope of the 12th TRT International Documentary Awards. This process will continue simultaneously with the 13th TRT International Documentary Awards.

The results of the preselection for the 12th TRT International Documentary Awards will be announced on Monday, April 25, 2022. Finalist films and projects to be awarded will be announced on Monday, June 6, 2022 during the gala/award ceremony to be held in İstanbul with the participation of directors, industry representatives, press members and guests of the Festival.





Kind regards,

13th TRT International Documentary Awards,

Organizing and Executing Committee




Awards for National and International Categories are as follows:


a)      National Competition:


Student Films Category:


Best Film Award                         25,000.00 ₺

Special Prize                                20,000.00 ₺

Special Prize                                15,000.00 ₺


Professional Category:


Best Film Award                         50,000.00 ₺

Special Prize                                40,000.00 ₺

Special Prize                                30,000.00 ₺



b)      International Competition:


Best Film Award                         10,000.00 €

Special Prize                                  7,500.00 €

Special Prize                                  5,000.00 €



c)      Project Support Competition:


(A total of 3 projects will be supported.)


10,000.00 ₺

10,000.00 ₺

10,000.00 ₺