YönetmenChristop BOEKEL
MüzikAlexandr ALEXANDROW
SeslendirmeDimitrij RUDAKOW Valerij JERMAKOV Gianpierp TARİ
DüzenleyenThomas BALKENHOL
Görüntü YönetmeniAnatolij RUDAKOW Axel BRANDT

My loved ones in Moscow, fifteen years ago and today – seven people close to me, whom I accompanied with a camera, first throughout 1993 and then in 2008/2009. During the span of these fifteen years, Moscow underwent tremendous change, transformed by almost incomprehensible social and economic upheaval. It was important to me to view and portray the fates of my Moscow relatives and friends in the context of political developments. What has become of their lives and loves, their dreams and hopes, their expectations? How has the intelligentsia responded to these upheavals? An encounter between three generations, who grew up in different social environments.